Psychotherapy Services (Counseling)

We offer traditional counseling services for children and families with mental health concerns.  These services are specifically designed to meet the individual child’s needs.  All staff providing therapy are at least masters level, licensed professionals trained to address psychiatric issues effectively. 

The goal is to engage in active treatment that involves psychological strategies for problem resolution to promote optimal functioning and a condition of improved mental health.



Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services (PSR/CBRS/Skills Training)


PSR/CBRS services are an array of rehabilitative services that emphasize resiliency for children with


serious emotional disturbance (SED) and recovery for adults with serious and persistent mental illn


ess (SPMI). Services target skills for children that they would have appropriately developed for their


developmental stage had they not developed symptoms of SED. Services target skills for adults that


have been lost due to the symptoms of their mental illness.




Medication Management 


Currently we offer medication management and other psychiatric services for individuals who may benefit and are also receiving at least one other enhanced medical mental health therapy service.  These services are offered through contracts with psychiatrists or other practitioners of the healing arts. The goal is to obtain a decrease or remission of symptoms of psychiatric illness and improve quality of life through the use of pharmacological agents without causing adverse effects.


Case Management

Case Management is a service to help families find and schedule needed health, educational, early interventions, and social services that they are in need of receiving.  This service is for children and young adults, birth to 21 years of age, who are eligible for Medicaid and who have a severe emotional disturbance that can be diagnosed by a physician. 


Target Care Coordination

The Targeted Care Coordinator (TCC) is required for YES Medicaid members and is responsible for coordinating and facilitating the CFT Interdisciplinary Team Meetings for the purpose of developing an outcome-focused, strength-based person-centered service plan that includes both formal and informal services and supports. The TCC will be responsible to ensure that services are accessed, coordinated, and delivered in a strengths-based, individualized and relevant manner and that services and supports are guided by family voice and choice. The TCC will serve as a care navigator for the family and will be responsible for promoting integrated services, with links between child-serving providers, systems and programs. 


Family Support Partner

Family Support Partner Services provide assistance to caregivers who are caring for a child diagnosed with a mental health disorder, or a coexisting mental health, developmental and/or substance use disorder by strengthening their role as parents through the provision of teaching and support services, and reducing the likelihood that the family and member will become isolated, disempowered, or disengaged. They accomplish this through the following: Teaching the family members how to develop self-advocacy and problem-solving skills, Role modeling behaviors, attitude and thinking skills needed for resiliency and coping.


Respite Services

Respite Services are provided for children with an SED diagnosis who is enrolled in YES Medicaid. This social group setting is meant for caregivers to have a break and for children to interact with each other under appropriate supervision. Families are required to transport for this service and can send a meal if their child will need more than one snack. 



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